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Phil Mollon Ph.D. DCEP

developer of

Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy [PEP]

and Blue Diamond Healing

Recommended reading

There are now many books on energy psychology.

Here are a few of the ones I think useful:

My own two books on energy psychology:

Mollon, P. 2008. Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy - Inspired by Thought Field Therapy, EFT, TAT, and Seemorg Matrix. [Karnac. London]

Mollon, P. 2005. EMDR and the Energy Therapies: Psychoanalytic Perspectives. [Karnac. London]

Books by other authors:

Callahan, R.J. 2001. Tapping the Healer Within. [Contemporary Books. New York]

A classic text by clinical psychologist, Dr. Roger Callahan, the founder of Thought Field Therapy.

Church. D. 2007. The Genie in Your Genes. Energy [Psychology Press. Santa Rosa. Ca]

The author shows how contemporary perspectives in biology and physics make sense of energy psychology.

Connolly, S. 2004. Thought Field Therapy. Clinical Applications Integrating TFT in Psychotherapy. George Tyrrell Press. [Sedona. AZ]

A delightful little book, with many clear examples of clinical applications.

Diepold, J. H., Britt, V., & Bender, S. 2004. Evolving Thought Field Therapy. The Clinician's Handbook of Diagnoses, Treatment, and Theory. [Norton. New York]

A sophisticated text, exploring advanced theory and practice - for the serious clinician.

Feinstein, D. 2004. Energy Psychology Interactive. [Innersource. Ashland. OR]

An excellent book that forms part of the certification programme for the training with the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. Dr David Feinstein is a clinical psychologist.

Gallo, F.P. 1999 Energy Psychology. Explorations at the Interface of Energy, Cognition, Behavior and Health. [CRC Press. Boca Raton. FL]

A very good basic text by a clinical psychologist who pioneered energy psychology. I am particularly fond of the preface by trauma-specialist, Professor Charles Figley.

Gallo, F.P. 2000 Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods. [Norton. New York]

A more advanced development from the 1999 book.

Gallo, F.P. 2002. Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy. A Comprhensive Source Book. [Norton. New York].

This is a very valuable text with 24 contributions by different energy


Kelly, R. 2008. The Human Antenna. Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells. [Energy Psychology Press. Santa Rosa. CA]

An excellent and very readable summary of much of the evidence indicating that our bodies and brains are naturally receivers and transmitters of energetic information - discussion of the quantum level of phenomena - with some delighful comments on energy psychology methods. 

Oschman, J.L. 2000. Energy Medicine. The Scientific Basis. [Churchill Livingstone. London]

A cell biologist reviews the scienfic basis and evidence.

Books on the illusions of memory:

Brand, N. 2007 Fractured Families: The untold anguish of the falsely accused. [BFMS.Bradford on Avon.]

Mollon, P. 2002. Remembering Trauma. A Psychotherapists' Guide to Memory and Illusion. 2nd Edition. [Whurr/Wiley. London]

Schacter, D.L. 2001 How the Mind Forgets and Remembers. The Seven Sins of Memory. [Souvenir Press. London]